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The right answer to this question is choice D.

changing into new forms as they grow.


What, in particular, makes an animal an amphibian?

These animals are called amphibians because as babies they only live in water, but as adults they can live both in water and on land.

For example, the amount of nutrients in the eggs of frogs, which are part of this group of organisms, is not enough. Because of this, the embryo that was made when an egg was fertilised must leave the egg to finish developing because it can't do so inside the egg because it doesn't have enough food. Instead, it must do so outside of the egg. Frogs change from one kind to another through a process called metamorphosis.

When frogs are young, they breathe through their gills. As adults, they can also breathe through their lungs and skin.

Because of this, mucus is constantly put on frogs' skin to keep it from drying out.

Amphibians have different kinds of blood in their bodies.

These are animals whose bodies don't get very hot. This means that their body temperature changes based on the temperature of the environment around them.

During the winter, they sleep or go into hibernation.

The adults of these species don't take care of their young.


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